Marco Vendramini Fin. Pl., B. Eng.

Financial Planner, Financial Security Advisor, Advisor in Group-Insurance Plans

With a bachelor's degree in mining engineering and a minor in management from McGill University in 1988, Marco launched his career in the financial industry. His dedication and commitment enabled him to excel and obtain a securities certificate from the Quebec Securities Commission in 1990.

In 1991, Marco found his professional niche at IG Wealth Management, where he began working as an advisor. His passion for financial planning propelled him to further accomplishments, culminating in his obtaining the title of Financial Planner in 1997. 

Beyond his professional activities, he embodies a spirit of perseverance and determination by dedicating himself to Ironman training, demonstrating his commitment to personal excellence alongside his professional activities.

Throughout his career, Marco has been a model of excellence and has received numerous awards from IG and his peers. His greatest reward, however, is the trust placed in him by clients. Dedicated to their financial well-being, Marco has built a team of people who share his unwavering commitment and passion for serving clients with integrity and diligence. In fact, for the past 22 years, Marco's team has consistently ranked among the top 50 teams in Canada, a testament to their unwavering dedication and expertise.