Guy Dagenais

Associate Consultant, Financial Security Advisor, Advisor in Group-Insurance Plans, Mutual Fund Representative

Guy Dagenais joined IG Wealth Management in 2011 as a mutual fund representative. He has expertise in personal finance as well as over 20 years' experience in international sales and management. Since 2016, he has proudly held his financial security advisor and group insurance advisor designations, and in 2019 he obtained his securities license. He is also in the process of obtaining his Certified International Wealth Manager designation.

Guy is a passionate football fan who enjoys cheering on his favorite teams. Whether strategizing on the curling rink, sprinting down the powder slopes or supporting his football team, Guy's happiness transcends the confines of the boardroom and is a testament to his commitment to both professional excellence and personal enjoyment.

Listening to clients and taking their aspirations and goals to heart, Guy works closely with them to eliminate financial concerns. Through the development of a comprehensive financial plan designed to guide them throughout their lives, he enables them to approach retirement with confidence and satisfaction.