Pascal Guénette Pl.Fin, CIMᴹᴰ

Associate Consultant, Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Manager, Financial Security Advisor, Mutual Fund Representative

Pascal started at IG Wealth Management in 2011 and teamed up with Marco in 2014. 

He works primarily with high-income business owners or professionals. His training and experience focus on advanced investment planning, asset protection and estate strategies. 

He frequently collaborates with experts to maximize each structure and facilitate the processes. Bringing real added value is a source of great satisfaction to him.

Graduated from Laval University in Financial Services Business Management. He also holds the titles of Financial Planner from the Institut de planification financière, Certified Investment Manager, Certified International Wealth Manager and the prestigious Fellow CSI. 

Several times a year, Pascal gives conferences to entrepreneurs on strategies for maximizing and increasing the value of their company. It's a way for him to pass on knowledge and broaden the team's client base. 

A high-level martial arts competitor in his youth, Pascal has retained his discipline and rigor in the service of clients. In addition to his passion for his work, Pascal is a family man, who takes great pride in seeing his three children, Océane, Samuel and Sofia-Rose, grow up, blossom and become good human beings.